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Also, I am not a “newbie” to Islam. I have studied Islam and comparative ideologies for 4 years, served my MSA and online dawah causes, as well helped a homeless Muslims. To some degree, I have had enough. I love Islam, but I am starting to develop a severe disliking for its followers One’s stomach in a dream represents longevity, livelihood or children. A healthy stomach in a dream means enjoying strength and a long life. The same interpretation is given to the intestines or the umbilicus or the navel and the three of them represent one’s relationship with his wife. As for the ribs (See Ribs) in a dream, they represent ... Spiritual Meaning Of Blood In The Dream . If you stabbed a person in the dream on the attempt of self-defense, it means the following… Protection, victory, gaining control over your enemies etc. Dreams of self defense is an act of protecting yourself from demonic attack that fliet in the day and the pestilence that walketh in darkness.