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May 21, 2006 · recall ballot for that individual. 4) In order to formally begin the recall proceeding, the representative should collect the completed ballots and serve them on the board: a) The original or copies of the ballots to the association by delivering them by process server or by certified mail: i) To the registered agent of the association or "The law generally provides that ballots must be signed by each owner," says Clark. "There are some rules you can adopt to have secret balling. But for most of the things we deal with, ballots have to be signed so each owner gets one vote, and there are clear rules on who can tally ballots—not anybody on the board, not anybody running for the ... Not everone is as lucky as you are, clue Cumulative voting sample election ballot for board of directors SoBo prepares for May 1 elections Town of South Boston Free Ballot Template Unique Free Voting Ballot Template PUBLIC NOTICE OF ELECTION Legal Notices identification requirements at the voting booth house bill 3 was signed by the governor on ...