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Hello. I am 24 years old, approximatly 20% body fat and I am willing to start my first cycle which consists in 3ml/week of test prop, for 10 weeks. My objective is cutting. I was more interested to start a test prop+drostanolone prop cycle for 12 weeks (4ml/week of drostanolone prop and 2ml/week of test prop) but I think it's better to take it step by step, by using just 3ml/week of propionate ...Prop Test Cycle Only is suitable for beginners. Test prop 100 makes it possible to understand how AAS is working with you and helps to gain quality mass and get rid of body fat. The first cycle is recommended to start with the minimum dosage, or rather - 100 milligrams. Test Prop 100 should be injected every other day.Hey guys , this is going to be my first cycle and last one. Short and low dosage because IMO the risks are less (less time of HTPA shutdown and less estrogens) Cycle: Test prop 300mg per week for 5 weeks. PCT: Nolvadex 40/40/20/20 Clomid 50/50/25/25 (just to make sure I will recover fine) Meal plans:(help me to improve it please)