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Sep 12, 2017 · Dealing with Time Zones in ServiceNow can be a real nightmare. The only documented way to set the time-zone of a GlideDateTime object, is the setTZ()  method. Unfortunately, this method requires a "TimeZone" object be passed in, in order to set the time-zone. What is &nbsp NOTE With the current redesign of Autotask’s workflow engine, API queries for TicketNote entities with Publish = 1 now include all System Workflow Notes. If your query currently includes code that specifies TickektNote.Publish = 1 and you do not want system workflow notes returned, you must modify the query to include a condition that ... (3) Developing new functionalities using Javascript , Angular JS , CSS , HTML5 and bootstrap in ServiceNOW . (4) Managing workflow activities . (5) Hands on experience in creation of new custom modules in serviceNOW . (6) Maintenance of asset accuracy using ServiceNOW Discovery .