Fusion 360 snap to vertex
47re overdrive wires
Mipi connector types
Wow Bfa Daily Quests Now that the BfA expansion has arrived, there are no more World Quests to found in Suramar. They have all moved to Zandalar, Kul Tiras, and the other level 120 zones. Inability to do this quest appears to block the rest of the "Good Suramaritan" quest series (achievement), and the "Insurrection" quest series. Bfa rep guide Bfa rep guide Currently in 8.1 you need to complete Uniting the Isles. This is easy in BFA as all reputation milestones are account wide. After that Khadgar will show up at the landing with the quest. Having the quest complete on other characters does not seem to matter. Does not require a complete order hall campaign.