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(2) Venmar Filters - Washable Foam 04771 (HE 1.8, HE 2.6) Direct replacement filter for HE 1.8 and HE 2.6 models manufactured from 2001 to present. Washable and reusable. 2 required. 14.875" W x 14.375" H x 0.74" D This is a electrostatic filter designed for use with Venmar HE series HRV units. vänEE products come with advanced and carefully developed technology resulting in constantly renewed clean air. Ventilation systems work on two levels: the principle of ventilation in which exhausting waste air renews the air and blows in the clean air and the principle of filtration in which ambient air is filtered to remove polluting agents and allergens. HRV Core Filter (exhaust & supply) - (Sold In Singles) Fits the following Venmar AVS / vanEE air exchangers: 90H, 190H, Constructo 1.5 and 2.0, Constructo Quattro 1.5 and 2.0, 43110, 45110, 43720, 45720, 43700, 43710, 45700, For FREE Technical Support, p lease contact Venmar Ventilation Inc. at 1-800-567-3855Wall controls, filter and kit. Venmar offers a full line of air exchangers accessories. Different filters and a wide selection of wall controls are available to customize the installation of your ventilation system and better meet your needs.