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While indoor/outdoor carpets are mold and mildew resistant, mold and mildew can still happen. Usually, it depends on the type of carpet backing you have. If you are going to buy indoor/outdoor carpet for a place that stays wet most of the time (near pools, hot tubs, or outdoors in rainy climates), you should get a carpet with marine backing. Composite deck flooring is like the luxury vinyl of the porch flooring market. Maybe some out-of-date folks are still turning their nose up at it, but others are embracing composite decking as the outdoor flooring of the future. Composite decks, like vinyl floors, bring you realistic wood looks without any of the hassles.The procedure for cleaning hard vinyl is similar to that for cleaning soft vinyl -- with the exception that you can safely use baking soda as an abrasive to remove scuff marks. Wet the vinyl;... • Expanded Vinyl Upholstery: Use for indoor upholstery fabrics such as couches and chairs, restaurant booths and other commercial seating, crafts, etc. • Marine Vinyl Upholstery: UV Treated - Use for about anything including furniture re-upholstery, outdoor awnings, boat seat covers, grill covers, etc.