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"Sysprep" stands for "system preparation" tool. The name comes from the Microsoft program "sysprep.exe" which is used to unconfigure Windows machines in preparation for cloning them. Having said that, virt-sysprep does not currently work on Microsoft Windows guests. We plan to support Windows sysprepping in a future version, and we already have ... You moved virtual machine's files to a new location. When you power on the virtual machine, VMware Workstation displays a message asking whether you want to create a new unique identifier (UUID) for the virtual machine or keep the old one. To sysprep windows server install the server and make all the configuration necessary for the image case have install vmware tools. Resetting the rearm count windows 7. Check for windows activation status. Vmware tools for centos would especially like thank george for his input cscript for auto activation and nathan for input sysprep audit mode.