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The difficulty of the Warfront will increase however, and the item level required to queue will increase to 335. I don’t have a quest for the reward for doing a heroic warfront and the guy at the war table has no quests to offer. I did the warfront anyway, got no loot. Everyone else had a quest to turn in. I had no quest to pick up to begin with. The War Front - Home. WWII US AIR CORPS BOMBING RANGE PLOTTING BOARD. $500.00 Price. STORE PICK UP STRONGLY ENCOURAGED DUE TO SIZE AND WEIGHT. PLEASE CALL 425-553-5400 OR EMAIL US FOR A SHIPPING QUOTE, DO NOT BUY ONLINE. Large circular table used for the planning of bombings by the us air corps. Top only, legs are not included ... Do not get this confused with the set you see listed under "Warfront". The set that shows up under "Warfront" can only be completed by getting pieces of gear off of the rare mobs out in Arathi, doing World Quests in Arathi, and Emissaries.