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Morgan County Schools Every Child a Graduate. Every Graduate Prepared to Lead. Morgan County Sheriff Wayne Potter spoke at the 4th Annual Take a Stand Against Domestic Violence event in Wartburg, Tennessee. He has invited the Avalon Center to the Sheriff’s Department to provide critical training which will assist officers in conducting thorough investigations when domestic abuse situations are reported. Morgan County Jail releases more than 100 non-violent inmates to protect against coronavirus Most of the non-violent offenders being released either failed to pay child support, a ticket, or a ... Apr 03, 2020 · Morgan County Jail l414 Main Street PO Box 469, Wartburg, TN, 37887. Make sure the money orders are payable to the inmate you are funding. There is a Kiosk in the jail lobby that you can use to transfer funds into an inmate's account. Cash, credit, or debit card payments can be used at the kiosk. However, there is a charge to use this service ...