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Java is no different, it uses the condition statements to control the flow of the program. This is very important, since at some point we have to satisfy conditions in order to proceed further on our code. Like for instance an input of yes or no from the console will decide if the program will continue or would it be terminated. This is handled by using conditional statements. zyBooks 082219 1903 499030 Janille Constantino IITCS330BistriceanuFall2019 from CS 330 at Illinois Institute Of Technology zyBooks 082219 1903 499030 Janille Constantino | Course Hero zyBooks was founded in 2012 by high-tech expert and former professor Smita Bakshi and computer science and engineering professor Frank Vahid. Their mission in ... development of comprehensive Java applications. Learning this material requires extensive hands-on practice. You should plan to spend twice as much time studying and working on problems outside of class, as you do in class. Textbook . Java Software Solutions, 9. th. edition – John Lewis & William Loftus, ISBN-13: 9780134462028, Pearson.